Corporate Volunteering with bg视讯

bg视讯 works with corporate groups of any size on outdoor volunteer projects all across New York City.

Building urban farms, planting in community gardens, and starting new school gardens are all projects that bg视讯's corporate volunteers have tackled. 

Whether it be planting flowers or tackling a construction project like building wooden garden beds, our staff will work with your company on designing a volunteer day that is engaging, educational, and fun!  

In 2023, bg视讯's corporate volunteer program:

  • Worked with more than 3,000 volunteers, including groups of up to 300 volunteers
  • Putting in 12,000 hours at 25 different gardens across the city.
  • These volunteers helped us build 7 new community gardens in 2023, giving the city 46,000 square feet of new green space for growing food, community meetings, and youth development. 

Interested in volunteering with bg视讯?  Contact us by using our contact form below.


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