Health Care 合作伙伴关系

Although New York City is widely recognized as one of 的 food capitals of 的 world, nearly half of all city residents live in neighborhoods with serious rates of diet-related illness 和 significant barriers to access healthy foods. While Greenmarket aims to serve all New Yorkers, special projects 和 partnerships with city government 和 community-based organizations ensure that we are reaching our most vulnerable residents who cope with food insecurity 和 diet-related illness.

Health Insurance Companies Provide Over-的-Counter (OTC) Options for Healthy Foods 

Healthfirst OTC Plus insurance members enrolled in select plans (listed below) can use 的ir over-的-counter (OTC) dollars to purchase items at bg视讯 Greenmarkets 和 Farmst和s.

Simply bring your OTC card to 的 site coordinator at any of our food retail sites. If you are at a Greenmarket, 的 manager will swipe your card for any amount in $2 increments, 和 you will be provided with Greenmarket Bucks (worth $2 each) in exchange. The Greenmarket Bucks can be spent on any edible food item (fruits, 蔬菜, 鱼, 肉, 奶酪, 面包, 烘焙食品等.) throughout 的 market. All farmers selling 的se edible food items accept Greenmarket Bucks. If you’re visiting a bg视讯 Farmst和, simply use your OTC card to pay directly for 的 items you’ve selected.


OTC member plans accepted at bg视讯 Greenmarket 和 Farmst和 locations:

 Insurance Company   会员计划 
 Healthfirst   Life Improvement Plan (LIP) D-SNP HMO
 Healthfirst  CompleteCare D-SNP HMO
 Healthfirst   Increased Benefits Plan (IBP) HMO  
 *Only for members with Low Income Subsidy (LIS)*

水果 & 蔬菜处方

The 水果 和 Vegetable Prescription program is a collaboration between 的 New York Presbyterian Ambulatory Care Network’s Nutrition Department, 的 Choosing Healthy 和 Active Lifestyles for Kids program (CHALK), 和bg视讯. Registered dieticians at select outpatient clinics at New York Presbyterian Hospital provide patients with a prescription good for $20 in Greenmarket Bucks to be used for 的 purchase of fresh fruits 和 蔬菜 at participating Greenmarket locations. The program operates between June 和 November. 水果 和 Vegetable Prescriptions can be redeemed at 的 following Greenmarket locations in 的 Bronx 和 Manhattan: .



Learn more about 水果 & 蔬菜处方 和 o的r CHALK programs.

The report highlights bg视讯’s work to provide New Yorkers with solutions 和 opportunities to live a more sustainable life 和 accelerate climate action.